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We expand the potential of a business or idea, one digital foot print at a time.

Web Design
Digitally Optimized

Whether revitalizing your website or building a whole new brand, the Digital Revamp experts listen and create the best platform to tell your story.

Social Media Management
Social Media                               Media Management

We create your Content Marketing and Social Media Updates

Search Engine Optimization
Drive Internet Traffic

Are people finding you online? The web is driven by words; we build links and ways for your website to be found by more search engines!

The Team

We are Innovators Who Believe in the Power of Small Business

From personalized service to genuine products, we are firm believers in the strength of passionate owner-operated businesses. With a firm understanding of the unique demands and concerns of small businesses owners, the Digital Revamp team embraces your business as our own to implement efficient solutions that fit your individual business needs.

Your success is our success.

We leverage our expertise


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Meet the team
Roy Abdo
Roy Abdo
Culture Director and Founder
Constantine Politis
Constantine Politis
Creative Copywriter
Elsa Moreck
Elsa Moreck
Creative Copywriter
Carlos KEKWA
Carlos KEKWA
Lead Developper
Salim Mokhaiber
Salim Mokhaiber
Lead Designer
Natasha Bahramo
Natasha Bahramo
Strategy Lead

What We Do

We Boost The Potential Of Small Businesses Through Creative Media Outlets.

From expanding your digital footprint to telling your best story online, we see past the day to day issues to develop creative solutions for continued growth.

Our team works with the newest technologies daily to bring you the tools to elevate your brand both organically and through targeted media platforms.

Our Services
Digital Strategy
Web Design
Social Media Management
Campaign Creation
Video Production
Mobile App Development
Online Advertising
Blog creation
Search Engine Marketing
Email Marketing


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