5 Tips to Increase Snapchat Followers NOW!

1) Promote Yourself: While asking strangers to find your silly name or brand name on Snapchat isn’t exactly ideal, asking them to simply scan a code definitely is. Snapchat has a unique QR code for each user and the option to share your username with people, it’s much easier to grow your following – print it on your marketing collateral. You need to post your code everywhere, this means Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you can even add your Snapchat code to your email signature. With a decent amount of loyal followers, you can grow your Snapchat followers by leading the way!  Aside from sharing your code, and having friends and other people share your username, you can also add people simply by adding people through your address book once you allow Snapchat to gain access to it.

2) CONTENT.CONTENT.CONTENT: It’s not enough to merely drive followers by aggressively marketing yourself, you need authentic real and not stage content to back you up. Remember these five E’s when you snap: Entertain, Elevate, Educate, and Empower your audience. Since most rarely achieve any of these with their stories, stand out by taking advantage of Snapchat’s platform to give your viewers raw content to stick around for. If you travel often, show people landscape, architecture, and nightlife, how your business operates. (Limit those selfies).

Entertain: The main reason why people use Snapchat is to be entertained. Whether they’re checking in during rush-hour traffic or just curious to see what everyone’s been up to, the most successful snaps are the ones that entertain. When you focus on making your Snapchat funny and involved, people will appreciate your content more. Make people laugh! If you’ve done it in real life, you can do it on Snapchat. Remember most people watch on silent and they keep tapping. 

Elevate: (DJKhaled snaps) Raise people up, empower others, that is the beauty of human connection and there’s no reason that shouldn’t be the case with your Snapchat stories. Seek to inspire others in all ways possible, especially with social media! These days we keep up with each other’s lives more often from Snapchat stories than a phone call, so elevate people by inspiring them by snapping things that make you happy and that you know will put a smile on someone’s phase.

Educate: Everyone is a know-it-all about something. If you love fitness and know a lot about it, share your amazing recipe for a smoothie, or your 15 minute workout regime and give a brief summary on how great you feel after drinking it and performing your awesome 15 minute work-out. Help people grow, and do it by using a medium most people will actually see – TherealDrmiami or realdocdc are showcasing plastic survey procedures and building relationship that way.

Empower: Snapchat is the perfect medium to share your passions with others and be a motivating force DjKhaled is the best at it. By consistently putting out the same message with your followers, you can empower them. We all have days where we simply just don’t feel “it,” and it’s on those days that we find ourselves browsing on social media to get our minds off whatever is bothering us, or simply to lighten up a dull day. This is your chance to step in and be a person who empowers others, especially in their moments. So think about what your best friend tells you to get you going when you’re stuck in a rut, and share those messages with others.

3) Get Innovative: Now that you know the importance of creating raw quality content, try to find ways to be more innovative. For example, for my Independence day Snapchat story, I created a stop motion video a wooden cut board and fruits. For animated stories like this one, simple backgrounds like this wooden cut board and good lighting works best, remember authentic and real is key!

4) Consistency: Like any social media outlet, you need to post consistently to keep the relationship. Once you have followers who are loyal to your content, you need to keep them engaged on a regular basis. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to set aside a few minutes everyday to cultivate interesting content for a story. The best part? You can do it from anywhere, anytime, so no excuses even use snapchat newly added memory where you can recall an old snap.

5) Have a brand and Make Friends: Finally, you’ve heavily advertised your Snapchat and committed to creating high quality innovative content, but how do you keep ’em coming? Make yourself known for a couple of things. Example: I snap about marketing, healthy habits and cooking!  When your story grabs someone’s attention and they chat with you, politely ask them to share your story. If your stuff is good, there’s a high chance their friends will add you. You don’t want to be aggressive with marketing yourself but you don’t want to be passive either. You’d be surprised how supportive the online community is. We all want to get there and we need each other to do it, so don’t be afraid to ask, and then ask a little more!

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