Business Today Is Social, Are You?


What’s that?

Your social media strategy is being intentional and thoughtful in what you are doing online. How is your website connecting to your social media or to your advertising? Are you creating a following? These thoughtful actions are how you are positioning your brand (or yourself) online where everyone is spending their time.

Why should You?

All your customers and even you are online– your business needs to be there too. Facebook is the new internet. If you’re not there, your competition is and you’re losing. Creating a social media strategy is the most effective way to build profitable and emotional relationships with your current market and tap into new ones today to grow.


No matter how you approach your strategy, you have to begin with your consumer. Where are they spending their time! Once you know your target inside out, you’ll open the gateway to online domination.

Here’s how…

An effective digital strategy will leverage an array of methods from:

  1. Your website written words, navigation and speed
  2. The messages or emails you send
  3. Your Facebook page, yelp, instagram
  4. What ads you buy and how
  5. SEO (What they google to find you)

A properly executed multi-facet attack will ensure that your voice gets heard in this noisy world we live in.

Keeping score

The biggest benefit to the social media marketing is being able to precisely measure your efforts. Tools like Google Analytics, Ads manager and Hootsuite make it possible to track ROI; in turn, showing where you need to pick up the slack or ease up on the gas.


Whether or not you have invested in your digital strategy. No matter what sector you’re in it is changed your business.



Starting the conversation

An infographic posted by Ambassador reads, “71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to others if they have a positive experience with it on social media.” It’s not enough to just have a good product or a good resume. Nowadays, you have to create unique experiences for your customers to engage with.


Increase Conversions

When you understand content you can move anyone anywhere you want them to go. Literally. Then, through the variety of targeting tools, like Facebook’s “Pixel,” you are able to create precise funnels that retarget consumers who are likely to do business with you. Understanding these concepts will put you light years ahead of your competitors and give your business incredible results.

I have been in Digital Marketing Strategy for 10 years. I realized there is not ONE class online that covers the high level thinking so you can learn the tactis and excel at them. Good news, we decided to build one… stay tuned!


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