Impact Of The Digital Uprising On Your Business


The story

With the increased usage in social media and internet browsing we have more data than we know what to do with.

What data? And Why?

Everytime you like, favorite, retweet, watch a video, subscribe, or visit a webpage social platforms recognize this and are able to precisely target you with ads that you are most likely to respond positively to (based on your actions).

Good for business: Translate Data into meaningful insights

Savvy marketers understand this opportunity and are optimizing their websites and ad campaigns to precisely match data that they have collected. This way, they aren’t targeting the wrong audiences and are more likely to get someone to make a purchase or follow another action. There is no other form of marketing that can collect data this precisely.

How can you collect data?

Start with those business cards you have collected in your drawer. Turn them into an email list and start a newsletter with ((( mailchimp)))

You want to get your hands on more data– we all do. We all can. Add facebook pixel to your website. What does it mean?

Anyone on your website is tracked and can be retargeted on Facebook. Using tools like this give you the keys you need to precisely categorize your customers and find the friends of your customers. so you know how to reach them ultra-effectively. There is no such thing there is not demand for your product or service, you just need to find who’s in need!

You & I, forever.

Social media and email are the perfect means for customer retention. Funk, says, “67 percent of Twitter users who become followers of a brand are more likely to buy the brand’s products.” It’s all about getting on these platforms and taking control of relationships. Once you do this you’ll be organically acquiring new customers and be creating intimate relationships that will crush your competitors.


Social media is NOT just as much a listening tool it is a means for delivering content. Find users who fit your ideal buyer and study what they are doing, who they are talking to, what communities they like to hangout in, and then integrate this information into your digital strategy. There are people online constantly talking about what they like and dislike. Be quite. Pay attention. Execute.

Who people are buying from…

It’s time to think of your business as a media company before a business.

Consumers, particularly millennials, are on the hunt for not the best product, but the best message. This means creating an interactive and engaging brand persona online for people to emotionally connect with. Don’t be intimidated by the amount of brands on social media– there’s plenty to go around. Truth be told, most brands online aren’t even doing it right. Invest your time into testing and retesting what resonates best with your audience and don’t become a brand who consistently  puts out ineffective content for the sake of “going social.”


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