IMPORTANT: 7 Vital Elements Of Winning Campaigns

We chose the seven most important parts of an effective campaign and expanded on each of them below.

1.Set objectives for your campaign

What goals are to be accomplished? This step will help dictate what type of content is to be produced and what customer segments can be most easily engaged. Is this for… – –

  • Awareness – get more likes on your page?
  • Engagement? Sales?
  • Event attendance?
  • Market development/penetration?

2.Pinpoint your target audience

Who is to be reached with this campaign? Conduct thorough research into your customer segments and then tailor content around your target that will resonate with them best. Different messages will resonate better with different segments so it’s important that your objectives and content align with your audience.

  • list 3 type of audience that are you 3 ideal profiles
  • Figure out what language they use
  • What interest them

3. Decide your channel strategy

What social media channels will mesh best with this campaign? Keep in mind not only what matches the campaigns goals best, but also your brand. If it’s a quick strike awareness campaign, then Twitter may be the best outlet. If it’s a big stride at a user generated content

4.Select a hashtag

What is the recurring hashtag for your campaign going to be? Hashtags are important in associating an identity with your campaign and establishing continuity. The tone and message behind the hashtag should align with the tone and message of the campaign.

5. Schedule your campaign posts and decide on a content strategy

How often and what is going to be posted on each channel? And for how long is the campaign going to run? There is a high risk of failure when considering the time and consistency an effective campaign requires is overlooked. It will help to coordinate evergreen content, a social media calendar, and an overarching content strategy to eliminate the risk of being unprepared and overwhelmed.

During the Campaign

6.Measure the success of the campaign

What tools can be used to measure the success? And what metrics will you track? Built in analytics can help to track basic metrics like impressions and engagements but using a specialized software can help to dig into bigger insights. Facebook analytics too or, what’s your relevency score on your ads? Cost per click? Minutes watched. Google analytics can be leveraged to gauge ROI from your social accounts to your website.


7. Evaluate your campaign

The most important step is to audit efforts. Were the goals set for the campaign met? Critical observations and conclusions should be made to continuously improve. No brand should expect to always do it right, so constant critique helps to surface growth stimulating insights.

Email #7

  • #
  • Vids
  • Flyers
  • Blogs
  • infographics
  • scheduling
  • More ads
  • Infl
  • Lead form
  • Was my success metric likes, shares, filling out form




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