It’s official! I am officially an American citizen

It’s official! I am officially an American citizen.🇺🇸
I dreamt about this day for the last 12 years. One obstacle after the other, I kept on going because I knew, I would fail if I stopped trying.

13 years ago I was in limbo; I was 20 years old, left Beirut for 3 weeks to study abroad but it turned out I was on one of the last planes to leave the Lebanese airport before the 2006 war started. I was stranded in Greece, I didn’t speak the language and had no place to go but kind people who offered me a place to sleep.
From Greece, I got on a flight to attend one semester escape scholarship in a university in Missouri.
I landed with $30, one bag of summer clothes and a Nokia phone. I was a stranger, broken and hungry but thirsty for an opportunity. An opportunity for a better future, an opportunity to build the life that I envisioned for myself. To execute my dreams of who I want to be. I was taken by surprise when I was welcomed by an amazing group of students. I wanted to live the American dream. 🇺🇸 After 6+ visa types and 12 years of going through one wall after the other; I am officially a proud American. 🇺🇸
I met incredible people. Americans are some of the most genuine people I have ever encountered.

I obsessed over excellence. I started building my brain day after day. I knew one thing very well, if I stayed where my parents did, I would end up where they ended up, and as much as I love them, I wanted 10x more and had to do things differently.

The hardest time in my life thickened my skin, shaped my character, built my confidence. Every time I was rejected, punched in the face, mocked and made fun of, I did not blink and I did not care, what I did care about is how I could keep moving forward.
For you, if you have a dream, map your daily actions to your desired outcome. Stop giving yourself excuses. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s your fault, so keep pushing forward.

I am blessed to live and help the world with communication and business strategy or marketing skills. I am blessed to serve the United States of America and be part of such a great country. I am blessed to have a great team, great family and I am blessed to have you read this far.


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