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10 Actionable Strategies to Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Content

10 Actionable Strategies to Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Content

“Don’t turn my inbox into a nightmare!”

This might be your first thought if you find your inbox cluttered with a bunch of invaluable emails from the same brand.

Email marketing is about building and spreading your business’s brand, connecting with your right audience, and nourishing your customers while increasing their Lifetime Value or CLV with you.

But how much information should you include in your email campaign? And how frequent should they be? In other words, how much is enough?

Let’s explore how business owners and brands can benefit from this strategy and what steps they need to take to increase their email marketing success.

Why Email Marketing Is the Best Tool

Email marketing strategy is still the best funnel tool to attract, convert, and retain your leads or prospects as loyal customers.  

On the one hand, experts agree that eight out of 10 customers expect to receive “welcome” emails after subscribing to an email list, which gives you the opportunity to start a relationship with your subscribers and build trust.  However, the average conversion rate is over 20% higher when e-commerce businesses send personalized emails.

Yet, some brands forget that their email list subscribers are humans that seek attention and empathy. Instead, they overwhelm their leads with email overdoses, causing substantial unsubscribes.

Fundamental Considerations to Building a Solid Email Flow or Campaign

The best emails are sent to the right audience at the right time, elevating the customer’s experience.

Your email flows and campaigns need to follow specific strategies if you want to increase your conversion rates. Let’s dive into them:

Define your target audience

Speak to them directly. Preferably, write as if you’re talking to only one person, using the voice and tone that best relates to them. The more niched down your market is, the better results you will get.

Segment your subscribers

Segmentation is a key player when it comes to email marketing. Sending the right emails to the right audience and implementing different flows according to the subscribers’ awareness stage will help you deliver the value they need.

Focus on the right subject line

An actionable tactic is to treat one benefit your potential client needs. Let the subject line speak directly to the reader’s pain or desire, but always keep it at 50 characters max.

Establish proper imaging for your brand

Most people are visual. Once they get familiar with a brand, they will remember its colors, logo, and the feeling of its aesthetics. Investing in the right visual assets and digital branding will highlight your business in the market.

Don’t overload your emails

Be concise in your copy! Overwhelming your subscribers with endless walls of text is the first ingredient to losing them. You have seven seconds to grab your readers’ attention, so don’t overload them with fluffy copy. Instead, create short, concise emails that help them focus on one topic. You can always share further information on the landing page once they click.

Humanize your copy

Personalize your emails and send what they genuinely need. You don’t have to be constantly selling something. Instead, connect humanly with them and encourage them to share their thoughts by replying to the email.

Pay attention to the frequency of your email flow

How many emails should your marketing strategy have? How much time should there be between one email and the following one?

It will depend on the purpose of your email sequence and how much information you want to share with your audience. For example, welcome emails are usually between four and six, while cart abandonment flows consist of three or four emails.

End it with an open question

Showing interest in what your subscribers think and feel about specific topics motivates them to reply to the questions in your emails. This is a great way to tell filters not to send your emails to the promotion or spam folder.

Have a strong CTA

Limit your call to action to one specific solution, product, or offer to avoid your subscribers feeling confused and oblivious about the next step they must take. Ideally, leave the CTA for the end of a short-form email. But if it’s long-form, you can introduce it two or three times throughout the copy.

Track and test

Intelligent actions come after analyzing data. Always look for your KPIs and implement the A/B testing. They will show you how each email performs and which ones need to be removed or improved.

Email Marketing that Increases Your Conversion Rates

Implementing these strategies will skyrocket your conversion rates by focusing on delivering the right value to the right audience.

Our marketers and content creators at Digital Revamp are experts in email marketing and CROs. If you feel like you’ve missed this opportunity, now is the time!

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