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5 Secrets to Building an Impressive LinkedIn Profile

5 Secrets to Building an Impressive LinkedIn Profile

An impressive, detailed, and eye-catching profile is what’s going to set you apart from the rest on LinkedIn. No matter what stage in your career you’re in at the moment, your profile is going to help you discover new job opportunities and business leads.

The most important part of having a powerful profile is understanding that it’s not intended to be an electronic version of your resume. On the contrary, it should be used to highlight the accomplishments of your career. Here are 5 tips on how to create a professional LinkedIn profile.

Secret 1: Choose a Profile Picture for LinkedIn

A profile picture could generate 14 times more views and will definitely increase your response and referral rates. This image will create credibility for this professional platform. It’s your first impression, you want to communicate that you are friendly and likable.

Make sure it’s a professional photo: use a high-resolution image, your face should take up 60% of the frame, be the only person in the picture, don’t use unnatural filters, and wear what you would wear to work.

Remember, this is not your personal Facebook page. So be sure to use a professional photo with an inspiring expression of sympathy and trust. Most importantly, no selfies!

Secret 2: Write a Headline that Rocks

Profile Headline (120 characters) is the line that appears just below your first and last name. This is the line that conveys your professional identity throughout the LinkedIn network and also in Google search results. It’s also one of the most important fields for LinkedIn’s search algorithm. It must be appealing, very precise, and should also contain strategic keywords that help you appear higher in LinkedIn searches.

Your headline should be more than just your job title. Make sure your LinkedIn connections know the company you’re working for and your most important technical skills and specializations. How do you see your role? Why do you do what you do? Why are you good at it?

Example of a good LinkedIn headline

“Enabling Enterprise Companies to Optimize Business Results Through Digital Experimentation and Personalization”

Secret 3: Write a Great LinkedIn Summary

The summary is one of the most essential areas of your entire LinkedIn profile. Many people still neglect this part, so make sure you have one! It should provide the viewers with a clear idea about your personality, professional story, and qualifications. Don’t just list your job titles and skills, you have the “experience” section for that.

Write Your Story

Experts say that the best profiles are usually written in the first person. Write it as if there’s a real person behind it. Write it as your story. You might also start your summary with an appealing description that invites readers to know more about you.

Be Original/Authentic

Don’t be afraid to communicate something personal positively. Invest some time on this, you won’t regret it.

Share Your Quantifiable Accomplishments

Making sure to include numbers in your summary. If you have an incredible achievement, such as increasing sales by 40% during the last year, include that in your profile.

Secret 4: Keep Your Profile Alive

Just like any social media, you need to update your LinkedIn profile professionally and strategically at least once a week. You can share examples of your work output, such as a presentation or your last project. There are three types of content you can create directly on LinkedIn:

  • Posts: short content, make sure to use shorter sentences, spacing, and emojis. Remember, when sharing links to external articles or websites. Instead of including a link in your post, put it in the first comment.
  • Videos: you can directly upload video files to LinkedIn
  • Articles: LinkedIn Publisher enables you to publish long-form articles.

Secret 5: Connect and Engage with Your Network

It’s true that growing your network started by making connections with individuals we know and those we wish to know. However, to build a good network, you need to be careful and selective over whom you connect with. Don’t be afraid to turn down some connection requests if you judge that they don’t add value to your profile or share the same interests.

Remember, high engagement holds an essential place on LinkedIn’s platform. Liking and commenting on other people’s posts can boost your engagement. The more you provide value to others, the more engagement and value you’ll get in return. It’s a social network. So be social.

Whether you’re a new LinkedIn user or a seasoned professional on LinkedIn; Digital Revamp can help you position yourself as a Thought Leader and Personality by architecting your strategy and content, so you can access this professional demographic and bring in more customers to your company!