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8 tips to make your social media go viral with Humor

8 tips to make your social media go viral with Humor

“The secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow; there is no humor in heaven.”

-Mark Twain

Laughter and humor are universal concepts; they bring people together. Yet, when it comes to humor, you better consider its context, as well as people’s culture and values.

Once you’re set, let’s ignite your social media content with humor. But watch out because it might go viral from day one!

Many popular brands decide to go creative rather than funny, like M&Ms and Oreo. Others prefer to use light humor to sell their products, just like McDonald’s or Xbox. Aren’t their posts witty and funny?

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla Motors, has been known for his not-so-serious posts and tweets. Remember his famous tweet in which he stated that he was thinking about leaving his position to become a full-time influencer? He ended his tweet with “wdyt,” which stands for “What do you think?” Of course, he expected to have wide public engagement.

Would you add humor to your social media content like them?

Then, you need to revamp your marketing strategy. Increase engagement on your social platforms right away while manifesting what your audience wishes to find on social media: highly entertaining content.

Follow these tips to integrate humor easily into your content; you can thank us later 

  1. Make your posts addictive

Funny posts are usually watched again and again. Amuse people and make them curious by developing unforgettable content.

  1. Blend humor with professionalism

Just because your company is serious doesn’t mean all your marketing has to be. You need to try and test your content through a focus group. Add a touch of comedy in your social media posts and see how your followers react and engage.

  1. Use the right language

Humor doesn’t mean being stereotypical or sarcastic with awkward social behavior. Be careful with inappropriate language and tone!

  1. Create that bond

Humor triggers emotions when used in an easy-going tone. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tools to deliver value to your audience and make the customer journey more entertaining.

  1. Make it viral in minutes

But make sure this viral content leads you to a specific goal, such as building brand awareness, entering new markets, driving people to purchase your products or services, etc.

  1. Keep it simple, natural, and fresh

Humor shouldn’t be complicated. So keep it modest while your message portrays your brand’s authenticity and essence. You don’t have to try hard to convince people or make them laugh.

  1. Seek new, unique ideas from audience engagement

Your audience loves to be both entertained and informed. Their immediate feedback can shape your upcoming posts.

  1. Don’t go too far

Stay within limits, especially for online advertising, even if there are no official regulations. Sometimes, a slight twist in the caption may be an attention-grabber, or a catchy, funny tweet may do the trick.

Humor & Content Creation

Strategic content creation is a key to successful branding and communication. You need to make sure that your tone and language fit the brand’s identity.

People want to find humor in subjects and posts that reflect their everyday problems and situations. They want a change of mood and laugh out loud. So bring a smile to your customer’s face.

Now, pay attention to this:

Funny content = shareable content

Do you get it now?

Humor is a universal concept, but the context helps you convey the right message at the right time. When it comes to humor, choose quality over quantity. This includes the correct language and diverse cultural scenarios to keep your ideas moving forward.

Strategic Targeting By Using Humor

Social media can be a powerful channel to build a solid relationship with clients and prospects. To make them interact with you through your posts, you need to create great content that attracts your target audience.

So avoid posting boring material!

Use humor strategically. If people understand your message through a meme or joke, they will be more likely to share it on social media and WhatsApp. Incorporating humor can even impact your overall bottom line. Just be patient, and don’t forget to TEST it!!

Let’s work together to build an emotional connection and get your customers laughing.

Ping our team today at and get creative and even funny content tailored just for your brand.

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