About Digital Revamp

Our Success Story

Digital Revamp Marketing was founded by Roy Abdo in 2013. The company’s CEO worked in Digital Marketing, Communication, and Advertising his entire life. During his professional career, Roy managed to work on projects funded by Bill Gates and to meet with the key industry leaders such as Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban, Eva Longoria, and Gary Vaynerchuk. Roy managed to build a team with a special culture and positive environment, where strengths of each employee are the priority.


We Are Innovators Who Believe In The Power of Digital Marketing. Online Success Is Success In Business.

We are focusing on creating a sole unified strategy that makes all aspects of marketing operate as one organism. Consistency in distribution of a marketing message is our religion. Simplicity is key. Amplification is the process. Digital presence is the medium. Our main philosophy is that the key to connecting a brand with its audience or the creation of a winning strategy is simplicity.


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Company Goal

Decrease The Number Of Businesses That Don’t Have A Digital Marketing Strategy

Three Core Principles

Creativity ~ Execution ~ Communication


Our Team

Roy Abdo

CEO Managing Partner

Founder of Digital Revamp. A digital marketer and creative strategist storyteller. Roy specializes in brand strategies, personalization, and activation. He has worked in the digital ecosystem for several verticals (media, financial services, retail, and user behavior). His technical background and creative skills have enabled him to speak on both fronts: strategically for high-level focus and architecturally for implementation focus.

Marc Abdo

Regional Director & Managing Partner

After studying International Business and Account Management in the Lebanese American University, Marc has taken the lead for all business development at Digital Revamp in 2015. Marc is an expert in creating personalized digital strategies, funnel building, consultancy, and social advertising.


Regional Director & Managing Partner

Alex is a skilled technical analyst boasting years of experience in system analysis and design, software requirements gathering, business process re-engineering and storyboard development. Alex’s usability
experience sets him apart from most engineers.


Project Manager

Anastasia works on Project Management for client campaigns in the United States and around the globe. With a background in Finance, Anastasia worked for several marketing agencies in the past. Anastasia is very attentive to details. Anastasia is certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.


Strategy Manager

A digital marketer and creative strategist storyteller. Specializes in brand strategies, personalization, and activation. He has worked in the digital ecosystem for several verticals (media, financial services, retail, and user behavior).


Project Manager

Stas is a graduate of The George Washington University with a degree in International Economics and Computer Science. Stas started his career in Marketing at the age of 16, as a video producer. Stas joined Digital Revamp in 2017. Combining technical background with natural creative thinking and management talent, Stas is used to delivering high level results.


Lead Designer

With a background in Graphic Design, Nour worked with several advertising agencies and corporate agencies. Her main focus is Digital Design, Social Media and Branding. Nour is Digital Revamp’s Lead Designer, who’s been leading on several design projects which includes corporate brand identity design, social media posts, pitch design, and content calendars.


Amanda El Khoury

Operations Manager

Despite her degree in Financial Engineering, Amanda’s passion for the digital world lead her to start her career as a Business Analyst. Throughout her career as a Business Analyst, Amanda worked with a variety of companies exposed to several industries: retail, banking, insurance, healthcare, investment and recently rights and royalties. Amanda plays an important role in Digital Revamp: she consolidates, coordinates and manages the work at DigitalRevamp.


Regional Director & Managing Partner

Sam attended University of Alabama, where he studied Computer Science and Project Management. Sam was working for Digital Revamp for 5 years, and very soon became one of the key employees of the company. Sam specializes in design, development, and project delivery. Sam’s experience allows to tackle any possible issues with the clients with the speed of light.


Content Writer

Josh Narrow is a community manager and content writer with Digital Revamp, focusing specifically on brand marketing, public perception, and content curation. Josh is responsible for the management and continuous updates of two of the top-rated restaurants in the D.C metropolitan area. Additionally, Josh was responsible for on-boarding new clients and assisting in content curation and audience targeting for previously offline clients. With a background in political consulting and campaign management, Josh brings his experience in both the public and private sector to Digital Revamp to foster an atmosphere of competency.


Project Manager

Leonardo specializes in brand strategies. Leonardo has worked with different companies creating and implementing digital campaigns. Leonardo works together with our clients to generate creative ideas and optimize resources, creating relationships that bring results.


Ads Manager

Dennis specializes in optimizing social media advertisements – particularly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Dennis manages clients’ ad budgets to ensure each ad is optimized with the best targeting through precise testing. This helps save businesses’ money by spending the ad budget correctly and effectively reaching the right target audience.


Account Coordinator

Talia is a graduate of The University of Adelaide with a degree in Marketing and Psychology. Talia began her career in Content Writing at the age of 17, and joined Digital Revamp in 2018. Combining creative writing background with leadership talent, Talia is able to deliver outstanding outcomes.

Ashley Uzer

Creative Content Writer

Ashley is Digital Revamp’s project manager and content writer. She grew up in the DC area and returned this past year to get her MBA from American University. She previously held the role of assistant editor at a well-known women’s magazine in New York City and has written for a multitude of publications, including DC’s very own Modern Luxury magazine.


Video Editor

Experienced Video Editor with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused on Public Relations, Advertising, and audiovisual communication. Joined Digital Revamp to develop her passion for video creation, and turn those ideas into a work of art.

April Zimmerman

Digital Project Manager

April Zimmerman has been a Digital Project Manager and Content Writer with Digital Revamp since August of 2019. She produces content for websites, social accounts, and digital advertising to support clients in their marketing goals and further their company mission. She’s a passionate storyteller and strong believer in community. She is also a freelance writer and essayist, and her work has appeared online and in print with skirt! Magazine, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and OneWorld Health, among others.

Zohra Maya

Digital Project Manager

As a Project Manager at Digital Revamp, Maya loves creativity, strategy, and planning. Since the industry changes, she strives to be on top of the latest trends. Maya earned an MBA in Marketing Management from Virginia International University, and she joined our team with over ten years of experience in marketing and advertising.