10 Tips to Revamp Your Holiday Digital Marketing Strategy

Holidays are all about stress-free time, family meetings, and great shopping opportunities. Nevertheless, it is different for business owners and marketers who look forward to implementing their digital marketing strategy and increasing sales.

Before Christmas, buyers brace themselves to hunt for the best deals. Yet, as soon as they begin knocking on the doors, some people lose interest and get lost in the sea of guides, persuasive ads, and fake discounts.

Customers wait for their favorite brands’ offers and decide to take advantage of them all. Yet, the avalanche of information and sale proposals doesn’t let the consumers decide what to buy, and they end up forgetting what they needed in the first place.

Time to Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As a brand and business, this is the best time for you to break the tradition of exceeding your marketing punches and shift your strategy to bring your audience more value and consideration.

After studying the market and researching what experts say about marketing during the holidays, we concluded that the simpler, more empathetic, and straightforward the strategy is, the better results you get.

We believe that you will get better engagement from your prospects and increase your sales during the holiday season by following these tips.

1.  Break the Old-fashion Rules

Your customers can already guess the advertisement trap and when businesses and marketers try to lure them with shady deals. For instance, the “buy one, get one free” sales strategy can be counterproductive if offering products you know aren’t on demand. Better if you offer them another product that complements one they already purchased or adds value to their routines. For this, you can use your subscription segmentation strategy to determine what is more convenient for each client.

2.  Forget about Using Campaigns too early!

People want the deals at the right time and place. With this said, holiday campaigns should not start earlier than eight or ten weeks in advance. Otherwise, you can disturb your customers and prospects. Instead of focusing solely on sales and advertisement, why not deliver information about taking advantage of seasonal deals?

If you want to nourish your commercial relationships more, try delivering tips and ideas about their interests related to your products and services. For example, if you sell supplements and natural products, send to your customers information about staying healthy and improving their energies during the holiday. If you offer training programs or coaching, let them know how purchasing your services can prepare them to receive the New Year with a better mindset.    

3.  Avoid Offering Low Prices for too Short Time

Fluctuating prices during the holiday can result in losing your customers’ trust in you. You are wasting your time and money if you apply different fraudulent plans just for the sake of gaining their momentary trust. Instead, show them you care about their pockets by offering an extended time of discounts and deals for the whole season. Likewise, you can trade a specific product or service at a special price just because you know it will make your customers’ holiday more delightful. 

4.  Trash the “Early-Hour-Deals” Urgency

Although it can be a great strategy, you will get your customers burned out for all the last-minute purchases they try to keep up with. Be generous and give them a convenient time to make their special purchases during the holiday. Making them stay up till late hours or standing in the row from very early to get that offer lets them assume that you don’t appreciate their time and effort. Why not reassure them that they will get their deal or discount at any time during the holiday?

5.  Have Your Own Visual Approach

Spice it up with different colors and animations, and don’t bore us with identical setups every year. For instance, you can create a new color trend for Christmas other than green and red, or you can come up with a unique message or quote that will go viral almost instantly. Introduce a story that everyone loves and which relates well to the holiday. For example, what makes Scrooge happy for Christmas? Come up with that special deal for your audience. This strategy will also bulk your bag of coins, not only Scrooge’s!

6.  Connect through a Fair and Colorful Email Marketing

Every person’s nightmare is to open their inboxes and be flooded with spam emails about holiday offers that are indifferent to them. Forget about sending out 50 emails during the week before Christmas just to get your subscribers and prospects to buy something they might never enjoy or use. Why don’t you give them some tips for the holiday which are also related to your brand? We are sure they want to know more about different topics.

Keep in mind that email marketing is the best way to engage with your audience honestly and timely. So don’t abuse this strategy and overwhelm your followers and customers with more things they don’t need.

7.  Stop the Overrated Gift Guides

Exaggerated guides with hundreds of products are worthless when segmentation and automation are essential keys to a personalized experience. Unless you offer unique deals and products, please, stop spamming your subscribers and customers with the same guides year after year. What about if you repurpose it and shift your intention to make a giveaway, provide relief, or any other beneficial customized deeds to your readers?

People want to engage, but they won’t do so with anyone. So, put in the hard work if you want to win their loyalty!

8.  Reinvent Your Gift Packages

Wrap your products differently from how other brands usually do. Use original holiday labels that separate you from your competitors. You can even prepare unique product combos for your top and long-term clients, personalizing their experience with you. It is all about repurposing your perspective about holiday packaging.

9.  Network with Bloggers and Influencers

Every entrepreneur knows how much work it takes to promote your products and services. Still, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed when you can find others to help you. The best part is that those people might have a good influence in the market, and they are ready to support and assist you.

Many influencers are on the lookout to collaborate with SMEs and brands in exchange for products or any other type of compensation. Similarly, many bloggers look forward to posting about new products, brands, or seasonal deals that attract better partnerships and set them as experts in said field or market. They are ready to give you a space in their digital platforms and channels. So take advantage of their influence to reach farther.

10. Define Your Most Powerful Strategy

Although you have to use most of the marketing strategies we all know about, baptizing one of them as your forte can help people remember you more easily. Let one channel, whether Facebook ads, email marketing, or SMS marketing, talk the most about your brand, product, and deals. Then, your audience will know where to find you.

Extra Tip: Follow Up with Your Customers

This step will elevate your brand to the next level and will differentiate you from the rest.

How is the customer service or experience you provide to your clients and prospects ranking?

Do you offer them a personalized service or product?

When your customers see that you care about them, they will convert into permanent, loyal fans. You will never be late in delivering the right service because you already know their preferences and needs.

Digital Marketing for a Digitalized Holiday

We are in an extremely digitalized world, where people miss the human factor; it is expected they interact and engage more with businesses and brands that make them feel special and cared for.

In order to gain your followers’ and prospects’ trust and turn them into loyal customers, you need to

  • Understand their pain point and offer the best solution for their problems (You guessed it: The PAS strategy, but we will talk about it in another post!)
  • Provide them with the attention, consideration, and warmth they expect
  • Personalize and customize their experience with you

Consumers and readers constantly seek more customized services and personalized products, and innovative businesses know this very well. This is why digital marketing is becoming more humane as the market demands brands to be more creative, interactive, and honest.

Now you understand why investing time, effort, and money in an efficient digital marketing strategy can save you from the holiday delusion of remaining at the back of your prospects’ minds.

But you are here at Digital Revamp, and we can surely help you ignite your marketing ROI by strategizing and executing the best plan for your business or brand. Make sure you review our services and get in touch to know your best package quote. 

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