6 Marketing Resolutions to Strengthen Your Business in 2022

Your eyes hurt—your heartbeat races when you realize the seriousness of your company’s position. You stare blankly at the numbers in your annual report, wondering what went wrong with your business this past year.

These are the negative effects of having a business without a marketing plan, or at least with unsolid marketing resolutions, especially when the digital age has disrupted almost every industry across the globe.

Wait! Don’t lose hope. All you might need to do is repurpose your marketing resolutions and go more digital.

Most businesses go bankrupt during the first five years of entering the market. Yet, this estimation has increased in the first couple of years of launching a business, especially after COVID-19 hit and the market became more digitized and fast-paced than ever.

Whether we like it or not, how we do business has changed forever. And this also applies to your traditional corporation. Having a compact digital marketing strategy will not only keep you ahead of your competition but will also help you build a loyal customer base.

Before this year ends, why don’t you establish new digital marketing resolutions that save your business and make a well-known brand out of it? Whether you start small or aim to grow, here are six infallible resolutions you can implement into your marketing plan to help strengthen and grow your business.

1.   Repurpose Your Marketing Plan

Update and create the marketing tactics you need to adapt to the new marketplace. Some marketing factors change with time and global situations, and you need to observe them frequently. For example, you need to study:

  • what strategies are working for your competitors now
  • what your followers and potential customers prefer to look at
  • where they spend most of their time
  • what channels and platforms work best for your niche

Among other variants that impact today’s businesses everywhere.

Be brave and clever enough to reestablish and recalculate your goals and tactics.

2.   Prioritize Your Marketing Tasks

After determining what tactics will work best for your business, you must stick to them and be consistent.

Block your most relevant tasks that take more time to execute first in your calendar. Writing them only on your to-do list allows you permission to postpone them whenever your indulgence wants. Instead, time blocking will constantly remind you to get them done ASAP.

Determine how many times a week or month you must call potential clients, pitch your project, and post on social media to simplify the workload and avoid time wastage.

3.   Reinforce Your Online Image

If you haven’t started promoting your brand or business online, you have to do it now!

Whether you are a global brand or a small local business, the internet is an essential platform for reaching new people, lead generation, customer support, and brand maintenance.

Everyone is on the web, and those businesses that miss this opportunity won’t increase their ROI or client database by the end of this year. If you only focus on traditional ways to market your products or services, your brand will remain behind and soon be forgotten.

Start by setting up a website for your business if you haven’t yet. Invest in a good and secure web host and designer. Also, optimize it for SEO so that your potential customers can find you on the web, and make sure your content is always fresh and relevant to your audience.

4.   Focus on a Convenient Channel for Your Business

You cannot be everywhere all the time, so it is clever to use one or two channels or social media platforms to inform your audience about your product or service.

Delivering your message and growing your brand on one potential platform will reinforce your image rather than make it look weak for not fully engaging with your audience on every platform out there.

Suppose you know which one is your potential consumers’ favorite platform. In that case, you will be able to create original content that relates to that specific space and develop a plan that impacts their purchasing decisions. Besides, we all want offline shoppers to turn into social media followers, nurturing them into raving fans.

So prepare to spread your colorful wings in the digital space.

5.   Develop a Service Mindset

People want to do business with companies and brands they resonate with.

Serve the people you want to attract by telling an honest, engaging story. Show your business’s human side and create a message that encourages your audience to follow your lead.

Take a look at entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s strategy of showing vulnerability and empathy to inspire people to follow his advice, not only work with him. He wants to create a network where honesty and service move people and connect them to his brand and with each other.

Create that special link between you and your audience and consumers. When they reach your platform, let them feel at home because they know your feed, service, and product will meet their needs.

6.   Keep Analyzing Your Marketing Data

After everything went digital in the post-pandemic market, many changes are still to come, and you want to stay updated with the latest marketing trends and your consumers’ behavior, right?

Reading your marketing analytics on a monthly—or even better, on a weekly—basis will show how well your marketing actions resonate with your goals.

Once you analyze your marketing data consistently, you will understand how innovations affect the market and the consumer’s behavior, what campaigns worked at a particular time, and what changes will improve your brand’s presence. Your new strategies will then ensure an increase in your ROI.

How to Attract and Retain Your Target Audience

This might be the most relevant resolution you have for 2022. Everything we have explained before is to help you attract the right audience for your business, retain it, and hopefully convert it.

Once your prospects find your business online, you want them to know that your brand will satisfy their needs, whether it is for entertainment, wellbeing, education, or any other purpose.

Some tips to attract your right audience are as follows:

Tell a story

People connect better if they relate to your or any story you want to tell. Its success will depend on how deep that story will touch them and if your product or service contributed to a happy ending.

Use a voice that resonates with them

For instance, if you offer training programs for entrepreneurs, you will have to be inspirational and enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. You will have to be their cheerleader, using a voice filled with determination and motivation.

Show them you care

Use language and tell a story that reflects your understanding of their pain points. People engage with those who show interest, care, and commitment. They need to know that a human being is operating behind your brand and not a bot.

Express your vulnerability

Most people are scared to be transparent when the truth is entirely the opposite. When you show your human and vulnerable side, you are building a bridge between you and your followers and prospects; you are inviting them to trust you with what they want and need, too. Getting personal is the best selling tool most of the time.

Engage with your followers and clients

Answer questions with courtesy, reply to comments within the first six hours (less is better), and congratulate them if they share an accomplishment or anniversary. Also, you can share some behind-the-scenes posts and stories to let them enter your active world. Consumers will buy from those who care about these little details and are confident enough to show what they do and how they do it.

Avoid being so self-focused

Showing a bit of your vulnerability and telling people why they can trust your expertise is more than enough. You should not spend your meeting with your prospects talking about every minor achievement you have made; instead, focus on what they need and can make them happy. Build a stronger brand by giving your customers the experience they want.

Wrapping up the Resolutions

Old ways don’t work, just like analogs in a digitalized world. If you haven’t refreshed your resolutions, it might be time to give them a reboot that centers around digital marketing.

Just like digital marketing is transforming the business world, it also affects the natural way we perform everyday tasks. In the end, it may be a good idea to continue to adapt your business goals and marketing strategies to the current digital landscape. Things are changing at lightning speed. If you want your business to continue thriving and growing in the coming years, you’ll need to keep up with those changes.

Hopefully, we have inspired you to consider going more digital in your strategy. Take these resolutions and run with them—they could very well be what you need to make your brand and business stronger in the global market.

Give it a try by contacting us. We will work together to find the best marketing resolutions for your business so you can have a killer ranking this year.

Good luck!

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