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How Can You Be Influential? Turn From A Subject Expert To A Thought Leader

How Can You Be Influential? Turn From A Subject Expert To A Thought Leader

People with less experience and qualifications are receiving recognition, and you’re not. 

What makes them different? They’re “content producers.” They post content about their industry, which increases their visibility and establishes them as a recognized go-to expert in the field. This provides them with business opportunities they wouldn’t have received otherwise.


The social media age established a new category of leader: thought leaders and influencers. 

To stand out and be the influential industry leader you want to be, you have to transition from only being a subject-matter expert to producing valuable content that establishes you as a credible thought leader. 

Document your experience and become a thought leader to:

  • Make an Impact On Your Career And Personal Brand

People will KNOW you as a trusted key voice in the field. 

You’ll be widely discoverable and have more traction. This will make the difference in YOU attracting new opportunities instead of chasing them, from landing the next executive position, to getting on a prominent board, or to being featured by sought-after media outlets.

  • Elevate Your Industry

By becoming a prominent voice in your industry, you can start meaningful conversations that drive your field forward. You’ll discuss common challenges and leverage your expertise to offer innovative and effective solutions.

You’ll also make your industry more discoverable and known. Why? Any industry can become attractive with good storytelling content.

How Can You Make This Shift In Your Career?

  1. Stay Up-to-Date 

A thought leader is someone who never stops learning. 

Stay ahead of the latest developments in your industry, broaden your horizons, and explore related disciplines. Attend conferences, webinars, and workshops. Being on top of industry trends not only enhances your expertise but also keeps you relevant and adaptable in a rapidly evolving landscape. 

  1. Develop Strong Communication Skills

Great thought leaders are great communicators. 

Refine your communication through writing, public speaking skills, visual presentations, or even social media engagement. Contribute articles to industry publications or share your experience, expertise, and insights on social media platforms. Be clear, concise, and resonate with your audience. Learn the art of using hooks in your writing to showcase the value you will bring to readers.

But remember — you can’t build a brand that isn’t your own, so stay authentic to who you are as you share your thoughts. This transparency builds trust with your audience.

  1. Craft an Intentional Strong Online Presence 

A strong online brand is the FIRST IMPRESSION you make — and it has an impact on your consumers. 

What appears when someone Googles your name? Is it your LinkedIn profile? What LinkedIn cover do they see? What job title did you include in your profile? What shows up first? Is it your Instagram account? Is it your public or private account?

You need to establish yourself on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn and actively participate in relevant and meaningful conversations. Share your expertise through blog posts, videos, a personal site, or podcasts. Develop a consistent narrative that sets you apart from others in your field.

74% of consumers trust leaders with a respected personal brand. Ensuring your visual and written identity are clean is crucial for increasing brand trust.

Consistent online engagement that provides value to audiences will also increase your reach and visibility, making you a stand-out and credible authority in your field.

  1. Build Relationships Offline and Online

Networking is the solution to more exposure. 

We’ve all heard of the expression ‘your network is your net worth,’ but there’s a follow-up to it! it’s also how well you’ve helped your network. 

Building meaningful relationships within your industry and beyond is crucial for establishing your thought leadership presence. Attend industry events and connect with peers online and offline, actively discussing relevant topics with them. Invite them to connect on LinkedIn, drop them a note, and add them to your newsletter. Engage with their posts and collaborate with them on projects and content.

This will increase your opportunities, reach, and visibility.

Ultimately, You Can Create A Win-Win Situation

Upgrading from a subject expert to an influential thought leader helps both your organization and your personal career thrive. 

With these strategies, you’ll position yourself, not just as an expert in your field, but as a thought leader shaping the future of their industry. 

Remember, it’s not just about what you know, but also about WHO knows you and how you can share your knowledge to inspire and influence them.

We help global leaders establish their thought leadership presence, increasing their discoverability and accessing new business opportunities. 

Do you see yourself leading the way in your field? Connect with us to assess whether our thought leadership expertise aligns with your vision.