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How this Effective Marketing Formula Will Skyrocket Your Sales in 2022

How this Effective Marketing Formula Will Skyrocket Your Sales in 2022

Have you ever nodded and thought, “That’s exactly what I need!” when listening to a salesperson or watching an advertisement?

Do you want that compelling copy that increases conversion rates?

You can achieve that with a solid marketing strategy and a strong copy that connects you with your target audience.

A marketing strategy won’t be good enough unless it adheres to a proven formula. This article will explore the marketing formula that makes a copy sell almost immediately and drives your prospects to rave for your product or service.

Grab Them with This Marketing Formula

Emotions drive people’s decision-making.

As human beings, we seek pleasure or, at least, avoid pain. Yet, which one do you think is more powerful? Probably, the second reason. Avoiding pain is our biggest motivator.

We always need something that gets us out of pain and makes us happier or safer in the worst-case scenarios.

Marketers know that a brand must secure an emotional connection to convince people to buy from them and become their clients. And the strongest emotion is fear!

When you understand this as a marketer or salesperson, you can create copy and content that tap into your potential client’s emotions.

Now you get to understand and apply the PAS FORMULA:


But first, we want to address the psychology behind it. If you have a great product that can calm your customer’s concerns, then this is your chance to satisfy your clients in the best possible way.

If you know that your product or service guarantees a great solution and support for others, it deserves recognition and an exceptional marketing plan.

Address Their Pain to Gain Their Trust

Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements. Over 59% of internet users worldwide spend between three to seven hours daily on the web (Statista).

Can you guess how many ads on average we consume every day?

Experts state that we’re exposed to 5,000 to 10,000 ads each day. The internet is cluttered with commercials competing for attention.

So, how do you convince your prospects to choose your product or service over your competitor’s?

You must show them that you care!

Caring entails understanding their pain and offering the solution they need.

When you communicate how they’re feeling because of their problem and where their pain comes from, they’ll be more open to listening to you. 

Remember that your prospects don’t care about how much you know, but how much you care and want to help them.

Agitate Their Pain a Bit More

We assure you it’s not about manipulating your potential clients. Instead, you have something that will serve them.

Once they’re open to listening to you, you need to excavate a bit more into their pain. Help your prospects see why they need to ease it right away and the negative consequences they’ll get if they don’t.

The more detailed you are, the better.

If what you have is of added value and high quality, rest assured that you’re helping people and not harming them.

Offer Your Solution NOW!

After you have uncovered what keeps your prospects awake at night, communicated their pain clearly, and delved deeper into their wound, it’s time for you to show some empathy.

Showing empathy is by offering the solution to their problem.

Be client-focused. Show your prospects what you can DO FOR THEM.

Determine the benefits of your product or service that will guarantee they’ll be out of pain permanently.

An easy way to determine their benefits is by listing your product or service’s features. Then, write the advantage that each trait offers.

This allows your prospect to envision how your solution will improve their lives while driving your sales.

Are You Ready to Use the PAS Formula?

When you create a marketing plan, make your prospects know how it is like not having your product. Then, remind them how good they’ll feel if they acquire it.

Still, you need to show people that you care about their distress and grab them before they explore your competitor.

If you don’t have the time to market your business, we’d love to go the extra mile and help you. 

Get in touch with us, and we’ll strategize a marketing plan that will magnify your business and increase your fan database.