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Increase Your Brand Loyalty with These 7 Strategies in 2022

Increase Your Brand Loyalty with These 7 Strategies in 2022

Increase your Brand Loyalty with these 7 strategies in 2022 – Part 1

Businesses crave loyal clients.

They want more than just customers repurchasing their products or services. They want their clients to love their brand and recommend it to their family and friends.

Successful businesses work hard to nurture their new and existing customers.

If you agree with this, then you also want brand loyalty from your clients!

What builds brand loyalty is a deep connection between the brand and its purchasers. And what helps to achieve this connection is storytelling and a vision consumers can relate to.

Let’s explore what brand loyalty is, why it is crucial for a business’s success, and how you can boost your brand loyalty.

Brand Loyalty, the Key to Survive and Thrive

Do you remember when you’d run to buy your favorite soda and be frustrated at not finding it even when the seller offers you another brand? You’d hurry to the next grocery shop, hoping to find that brand you loved so much.

That’s brand loyalty. And that’s what you want from your clients.

Brand loyalty goes beyond customer loyalty. It refers to the trust and attachment customers have for their favorite brands. The more they rely on a brand, the more likely customers will buy from it and try new products from the same brand.

Nowadays, Millennials and GenZ are the ones to decide whether a brand is trustworthy enough to recommend it.

Where? On social media platforms and review pages (Hey! They’re the kings and queens of social media after all).

To build a solid foundation of authority and reputation, brands must manage their social media content more intentionally.

Why Does Brand Loyalty Matter?

As the market becomes more competitive, consumers meet dozens of brands offering the same product they look for. This is why so many businesses go bankrupt or fail to anchor their brands into the markets, let alone attract consumers’ attention.

Building a strong brand increases market awareness of your business and shows potential customers that you’re ready to provide them with the highest quality product or service.

More than 50% of consumers are willing to buy a more expensive product if it’s from a brand they trust.

This is why you should invest in the customers you worked so hard to convert in the first place. And the best part: they want you to!

If you can’t keep your existing customers, you’ll spend more money and time acquiring new clients to survive.

Nourish your customers during the good times so that they remain loyal to your brand when the winds blow in the opposite direction. 

Once you gain their trust, your business will thrive while it adapts to change and stays afloat in the ocean of competition.

So, what can you do to make consumers prefer your brand over the others?

There are diverse strategies you can implement to build your brand loyalty. Let’s explore them.

Strategies to Build and Increase Your Brand Loyalty

Building your brand loyalty isn’t an overnight achievement. Instead, it takes time, patience, investment, and tons of attention to your new and existing customers.

Once you have eyed your target audience, implemented the PAS formula (Pain – Agitation – Solution), and attracted new clients, it’s time to build your brand loyalty. Thus, you ensure they come back and, even better, recommend your product or service.

In this first part, we’ll look into the first strategy so that you can start planning and implementing it to your business.

  • Provide a Specific, High-quality Product or Service

No one wants to be loyal to a business with mediocre products or poor customer service. For that, the first and most vital step in this whole process is to offer your customers the best of the best.

Your business might have several product lines, but you might prefer relying on one product type that best characterizes your brand.

You need to make your brand quickly and easily identifiable.

The more specific you can be regarding what you offer, the better your customers will understand your brand’s personality, mission, and core values.

Once you identify which one will be your product or service star, make it the best in the market. If it can’t be unique, you can add to it a special offer or benefits that you know your customers crave for.

Now you see it. You can’t build brand loyalty without a high-quality product or service. 

Once you’ve ensured the quality of your offer, read the second part of this article to explore the rest of the strategies.

Increase your Brand Loyalty with these 7 strategies in 2022 – Part 2

Brand loyalty and high quality go hand in hand.

Many businesses offer great discounts and promotions while having a low quality service or product. Do you think this practice can achieve brand loyalty?

After ensuring your product’s or service’s quality (refer to part 1 of the same title), let’s dive deeper into the strategies to achieve brand loyalty: 

More Strategies to Build and Increase Your Brand Loyalty

  • Begin a Friendship with Your Customers

According to Dive, 90% of consumers admit they prefer to buy from brands they follow on social media.

Create a brand community for your customers. Facebook groups or brand hashtags can be useful to gather your audience on social media. 

There, they can find direct information about your product or service, share feedback, connect with like-minded people, and stay tuned with your latest developments, trends, discounts, and offers.

Keep engaging with your audience. Customers who can directly communicate with a brand’s key people are more likely to remain loyal.

The community will also provide you with information about your clients’ expectations and needs. 

Treat them like family and make sure they feel your care.

  • Create Content that Increases Loyalty

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 78% of marketers agree that brand loyalty-building also comes from creating powerful, converting content. 

Words form stories. Stories connect people. 

By telling a brand’s story through emotions, people will engage more and buy from you.

But don’t let the excitement of the first purchase die. There are more ways to connect with your first-time customers. 

As you get to know your audience better, you’ll ensure the right voice and tone to keep it engaged with your brand. Even by using humor, you can gain their trust.

  • Make Your Brand Consistent

Let your clients get familiar with your brand, so that they’ll recognize it for its colors, patterns, and imaging wherever they see it online or offline.

Consistency is key to building solid brand loyalty because it also shows that you’ll constantly deliver your promise to your customers. 

Your brand must have visual and content consistency, reflecting its personality and attracting the right audience. So, investing in eye-catching designs, colors, and content that connects and converts will be worth every penny.

  • Help Your Customers Come Back

Over 2 billion searches are made every day online!

Even if potential customers or readers bookmark a webpage from a brand they like, they’ll probably forget to return to it.

You can provide them with incentives or other powerful reminders to make them remember your brand. Offer rewards or an affiliate program for their loyalty and for referring your brand to others.

The bigger the incentive, the more loyalty and purchases you can expect.

  • Collaborate with Influencers and Experts

Leverage your brand loyalty with the cooperation of influencers, celebrities, or experts that have a large audience that trusts what they say and recommend.

Reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations are also effective in attracting new potential clients. Once people start recommending your brand, you’ve hit gold.

If you want a stronger strategy, combine influencers and your actual users’ testimonials. Share your clients’ testimonials on your brand’s social accounts and tag them. They’ll love your attention and that bit of fame you’re giving them.

  • Build Trust, Build Authority

After all these steps, it’s almost impossible not to have gained your customers’ trust.

Showcase your existing customers’ opinions on your product or service and how they benefited. Testimonials encourage other prospects to trust your brand.

Also, be ready if someone needs your guidance. For any inquiry, reply as soon as possible and show them how eager you are to help them enjoy your solution. After all, your brand exists thanks to your customers’ trust… and money. So, give them a good consumer experience.

Your Brand Grows Stronger and Brighter!

Consumers crave businesses that bring them value and tons of attention.

They seek to be loyal to brands that understand their needs and problems and provide them with the best solution.

They want brands they can trust for life!

Brand loyalty helps you sustain your business from overnight market failures, economic meltdowns, pandemics, and creepy competitors peeking from the corner.

More important is if you keep a high-quality standard of what you offer, meet your customers’ expectations on time, and be consistent and reliable. This way, they won’t feel the need to go fetching them elsewhere.

If you want to level up your brand and win everlasting loyalty from your clients, contact Digital Revamp TODAY.

We’ll make sure they fall in love with your brand with consistent, high-quality content and an effective marketing plan.