What I learned for the founder of NEST Thermostat

My goal every week is to meet one person who is 10X smarter than me🤓

Tony Fadell, not only did he work on Apple’s music player, but he was also the Senior Vice President of iPod, making him one of the fathers and also starting @nestand selling it to Google! 😌

I was inspired by his conversation and his passion and interest in innovative technology. He was excited when I shared the Digital Marketing projects we are working on in terms of strategy transformation and content creation.
Who would have guessed he has a passion for Kibeh Nayyeh too?😁 If you’re not working everyday on reinventing your company, products, and services, you will be out of business before you know it.
We advertise our client services on social media and they receive customers. Do you know why? Because of the fact that you’re reading this, it just proves that how powerful Instagram is! Get on it. Need help?


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