Why do Companies Without a Digital Strategy Fail Miserably?

Let’s face it, moving your business into the digital age can certainly appear to be a daunting task. To make matters worse, if you fail to formulate a digital strategy to keep your business competitive, it is certainly possible that your company will end up like the many defunct companies that failed to catch up. 

Here’s why:

A lack of digital strategy disallows you from creating a united front in marketing your content online. If you improperly use internet marketing to promote your business, you are unable to target your ads properly. Your content will appear to be random, and you will spend a lot of money without seeing the proper results.

Randomness kills any effort you put into pushing your content. Period. The digital age has brought us a new and highly accessible marketplace, and companies have learned to cater to specific tastes. In order to successfully capitalize on this, it is essential that your company provides a united front in pushing your content.

I’m sure you remember ToysRUs quite fondly and were quite sad to see them go under (I know I was). But at the same time, we definitely saw it coming. Frankly, they focused mainly on retail and neglected their online presence. They were pushed out by larger competitors that effectively rendered them obsolete. 

ToysRUs is among the largest of the many examples of failed companies that didn’t prioritize the formulation of a digital strategy. If the ToysRUs example teaches us anything, it’s that digital strategy should be part of the INITIAL business plan, not something to start down the road.

The digital era is different, your long standing brand name will not save you. Look at Coca-Cola for example. It is arguably the most recognized brand in the world, but their marketing strategy goes beyond their physical presence. Coca-Cola, and many long standing companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Kraft etc. all have a digital strategy that works for them.

Chances are that if your company is becoming to feel stagnant, you need to work on your digital strategy. Luckily, we showed you the goal that you need to achieve: A UNITED FRONT IN PUSHING YOUR CONTENT. The digital era will not slow down for you, you have to be the one to catch up.

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