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Why You Should Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Why You Should Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Organizations invest millions to establish their brand, but here’s one main thing they miss out on: employees are the best ambassadors.

Half of all candidates wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation. That’s why documenting and communicating your employees’ positive experiences is crucial.

In a job market where companies are fiercely competing for top talent, sharing positive employee experiences positions yours as the ‘Employer of Choice,’ helping you stand out and attract the top and the right talent. It can even decrease your cost per hire by up to 43%. 

What makes the strategy of employee brand ambassadors even more effective is that we, as people, trust personal narratives shared by people more than brand messages. According to LinkedIn, content shared by employees about their company increases the brand’s engagement by 30%. This results in a positive and more credible employer brand. 

Let’s Break Down The Impact 

  • Improved Work Environment 

Your DEI needs the push of employee ambassadors. 

Their stories being documented and shared online will have a positive impact on your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, establishing you as a credible authentic employer with a healthy culture. 

When employees share their positive experiences at their organization, they’re proud of their workplace. It signifies that your employees are highly engaged, productive, and satisfied, leading to improved retention.

With positive experiences being shared by your workforce, your organization establishes a strong company culture that fosters belonging.

  • Streamlined Recruitment

You can turn into the ‘Place to Work.’

Turning your employees into brand ambassadors significantly boosts your recruitment efforts. Positive experiences being shared by employees create excellent word of mouth marketing that positions your workplace as the ‘Employer of Choice.’ 

This reduces the time-to-fill and cost-to-hire, increases the number of candidates in your recruitment pipeline, and attracts a pool of more responsive, motivated, and better-fit candidates. 

Tech giant CISCO understood this really well. They trained their employees on how to be brand ambassadors and found incredible results: a five-day reduction in time-to-fill, increased employee retention, and a more personal connection between candidates and the organization.

Employees sharing their experiences online translates your company’s culture and environment into relatable stories that create a genuine connection between potential candidates and the organization. The authenticity of employee testimonials will resonate with jobseekers and encourage them to apply to your open positions. 

  • Expanded Network And Growth Opportunities

Everyone wins with employee ambassadorship. 

Encouraging employees to become brand ambassadors widens their professional network. It allows them to interact with like-minded professionals, turning them into your recruiting partners and business developers. 

Being a brand ambassador also offers employees the chance to gain valuable skills that are essential to any company. From effective communication to social media proficiency, these skills not only benefit the individual but also contribute to the overall success of the organization.

As employees actively participate in promoting the company brand, they become more visible in their industry. This increased reach leads to new opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations for the organization.

3 Strategies To Promote Ambassadorship 

  • Establish An Engaging Work Environment

When your employees’ experience at your company is positive, they’ll speak positively about you. 

You need to foster a pleasant and friendly working environment that prioritizes employee well-being and provides a sense of satisfaction and belonging. 

In order for employees to be true ambassadors, they need to feel heard, involved, and valued.

  • Have A Reward And Recognition System

Never hesitate to recognize your employees. 

Rewards and recognition are powerful motivators that fuel their engagement and make them feel seen and appreciated. This increases their job satisfaction and encourages them to share their positive experiences online, contributing to a positive company reputation and credible employer brand. 

  • Offer Social Media Training 

Social media knowledge is crucial for this strategy to work. 

Providing social media training empowers employees to navigate social media platforms effectively, optimizing the impact of the content they share.

Employee Ambassadorship Isn’t Just A Recruitment Strategy. 

It also creates a workplace where employees thrive, grow, and contribute to the success of the organization. 

The impact of positive experiences shared by your workforce establishes you as the ‘Employer of Choice’ and helps you reach organizational goals. By actively cultivating a culture of ambassadorship, you’ll pave the way for continued success.

But remember — employee ambassadorship is effective when done voluntarily. Launch a program that trains your employees, let them decide, and reward those who opt in. 

Turn your employees into your brand ambassadors and take your organization to the next level! Partner with our expert team to make it happen today.